dimarts, 16 d’abril de 2013


En breu Modernito Books publicarà 
"Radiografía de una explosión,12 aproximaciones sobre Watchmen". 
El disseny de les cobertes és meu!

divendres, 5 d’abril de 2013


Estic molt contenta del'entrevista que em va fer l'editora xinesa Amber Fu
arrel de la publicació del llibret "Daydreaming" dins la col·lecció RMM Artbooks.

Aquí adjunto un troç:
(Per veure l'entrevista completa: http://journal.the-readymade.com/)

Embrace The Charm – RMM ARTBOOKS No. 10: “Daydreaming”, Judit Canela Grau
RMM has conducted interviews with each of the 12 artists one by one recently.
Maybe their words will shed a light upon your mind.

Interview with Judit Canela Grau:

What is your favorite topic for creation? Why?
Everyday experience is the foundation of my drawings. I don’t have a favourite topic. Coffee, bikes, music, flying objects, the intriguing nature, men with beards and strange creatures are the current elements in my works. Once something has become popular, you see it everywhere and it becomes assimilation. Of course, it is very useful to know what is popular and one should keep an eye on the trend. But what I really enjoy is creating personal images based purely on emotions and feelings.
These are the images that finally turn into evocative drawings

What do you want to convey through your works in RMM ARTBOOKS?
All the drawings and personal pieces of mine are based on my dreams – dreams that I remember every morning when I wake up. These little surreal stories, everyday objects and curious people I met are the themes of my works. But more than being a specific topic, what I want to highlight is the mood and attitude emanated from my drawings. These night dreams sometimes walk with me for the rest of the day and thus the title – “Daydreaming”. I like adopting repetitive imagery of natural elements or daily objects to represent the emotional state of my characters.I am always interested in storytelling. I’ve always enjoyed reading and I write sometimes, even though I have a sense of insecurity in doing that. I guess my being familiar with storytelling helps when trying to create narrative images. I feel contented that my drawings can be interpreted in more than one way. They serve more than just decoration. In fact, I don’t know if my works have a message. Maybe that’s the spirit behind what I’m doing: I want to make things ambiguous.